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In 2019, things will be better

It's a little past 12 a.m. on the 29th as I write this, and the wee hours of the morning are waving back at me like my old friends. 2018 is almost gone, and it refuses to leave me in peace. It's mocking me right now, taunting me of all the words in my head that were left unsaid, along with all my plans that were left undone. And with the fast-approaching New Year, it makes my existential crisis more real by the hour. National Museum, June 2018 2018 has allowed me to do some things - I published another book which I have to admit, took me a couple of years to finish. I managed to have a 9-5 job that understood my situation as a chronically-illed woman who needs to be on leave once every two months for doctor's appointments. I met new people, made new friends and once again had the chance to prove myself that I can still be productive in the corporate setting despite my disabling situation. My world expanded, even by just an inch or two. Si Saldang, Si Marvin at

Let's Make Things Happen This Year

It took me eight days before I write my first post of the year, and I am sorry. But let me tell you that from now on, I'll make it a point to put my blogging on the upper part of my priority list. 2017 has been great, and there are lots of things that I was able to do unexpectedly. This year, I plan to make more things happen and I want you to be part of my journey. Come, join me as I take a closer look at the things I wish to accomplish this 2018. More Books to Read I need to make some sort of a confession - I lost that enthusiasm in reading books. The joy of being able to finish a book, the newfound friends in the characters, the things I've learned, and the reviews I write about them, I miss them all. So now, I intend to bring them all back. Right now, I have more than twenty books downloaded in my Kindle, a variety of romance, crime, and a bit of paranormal suspense. I've actually started reading one of them, a romance book, but I don't want to continue read

Ciao 2014!

Another year has ended, and I could hardly believe that 2014 is finally leaving. It feels like just yesterday when I was welcoming it with my family and friends.  Though I'll be looking at this year for a little bit of longing, I am pretty much excited about what 2015 has in store for me. Before I officially welcome the new year, let me recap the year that has been. Was it a year full of blessings, or a year of hardship and trials? But I know, no matter how negative or positive the outcome might be, still, it is a year of a gift from God. January. My first airplane ride. It was my first time travelling to a place that would require me to go 35,000 feet above the ground. Though it was just within the country, it was still an experience worth remembering. It was in the city where durian is famous - Davao City. February. It was such a lovely month, but I didn't have that much adventure. I was able to see a phenomenal movie, though. Starting Over Again . March. This was such a had