We watched Si Saldang, Si Marvin at ang Halimaw ng Gabi on Sunday

What if your dreams can betray you and turn its back on you in the end? Are you still going to continue working for it?

Si Saldang, Si Marvin at ang Halimaw ng Gabi is the first theater play I’ve seen this year, and I couldn’t be more impressed. When I saw it on Facebook, I immediately told Kim we need to watch it, but of course I didn’t tell her about Gio Gahol and Fred Lo as part of my many reasons for wanting to see it.

I know I don’t need to go over the fact that The PARC Foundation where the play was held isn’t the easiest place to locate if you’re not familiar with the area. I won’t tell you anymore how the actors delivered in the most excellent way possible, especially Gio who appeared to have brought the first part of the show by himself and Fred who portrayed the different kinds of evening monsters. I don’t want to bore you of fact that it was an intimate presentation, kinda like the classroom plays I did in college. The poster told me what the story was, an EJK story – something that has been the central issue of the current administration in my country. I want to clarify I am not a subversive individual, but then it’s disheartening when you see young and innocent people die in this so called “war on drugs”.

So yeah, what if your own dreams could turn you down? What if being a news reporter suddenly becomes about what the people would love to hear from you and not about exposing unbiased and naked truth? What if being a gay fashion designer brings you in the middle of a condemning and judgmental society who has a very odd definition of decent sexuality? What if being a teacher becomes a futile responsibility because children no longer has the desire to learn and dream for the future. These things and more, stirred up my head and made me ponder on what kind of society I am living in these days.

Si Saldang, Si Marvin at ang Halimaw ng Gabi is just one of the many things that can be done to challenge one to try make a difference. I wish there’s a rerun. I’d love to watch it again, and bring as many friends as I can.