If I Knew Then has a new book cover and I am excited

Sunday, September 8, 2019

If I Knew Then is my first self-published book in print – it was released back in October 2016. After almost 3 years, I can still remember the euphoria that washed over me. I mean, it wasn’t the first book that was published in print under my name, but it’s definitely one of the projects I did that required me more energy, sleepless nights and midnight coffee. You know that feeling of giddyness and excitement and butterflies in your stomach when you finally see the successful fruition of all your hardwork along with the blood, sweat and tears spilt? That feeling. Amazing, right?

The new cover. Photography by Nathan Hill featuring his wife, Nicole Hill.

The inspiration

I wrote this book in honor of my high school girl friend Nicole, who became the official beta-reader of all my books eversince I started going indie. I’ve always talked about writing a story based on her character, as most of the stories I wrote when we were teenagers featured me, my crushes and the people I hate (yes, I was that self-centered! 😂). Rafa the chef is based on a celebrity crush, and I made him half-Spanish because I personally think that Spanish-speaking guys are smart and sexy, plus I went to Instituto Cervantes for two terms. He’s a chef because… why the hell not? I mean, Erwan the French chef is sexy and I believe he makes a perfect love-interest material that I actually started seeing him in my head as Rafa eversince he translated that Miss Universe question in French. So there, if you like to read more about this book, please click here.

The old book cover.

Where to get a copy

Readers located in the Philippines can fill out this order form to get print copies of my books. Digital edition is also available via Amazon (all my indie-published books can be procured there). Currently, I’m trying to make print copies available via Amazon’s print on demand, so readers outside the Philippines (including Nicole) can get them as well, but I still need to work on the PDFs because damn my current materials just don’t seem to work! Anyway, I’ll keep you posted via my social media pages when it’s done, so maybe you want to consider following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @bethgstories (TIA).

I’ve been thinking of writing my journey as an author, how I started and how I made it to have 5 books published in print. There could be a bunch of information I can share, especially those who also want to start printing their own books. Let me know in the comments section what information you need, and let’s get you started. Feel that euphoria. 🙂

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