My heart melted after watching Melting Me Softly

Friday, May 15, 2020

This drama has been sitting in my drive since its finale November. I planned to watch it after Hotel Del Luna but I'm the procrastination queen which, for the first time I am happy about otherwise I wouldn't be in for a new treat in this sanity-chasing quarantine period. This is Ji Chang Wook's first drama right after his military service and man! He showed us what it feels like to be melting.

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The cryonics experiment

While I must say that cryonics experiment doesn't sound foreign to me anymore (I did a low-key pseudo-research if it was possible for Jack Dawson to be revived after decades of being frozen in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean in the hopes of seeing Titanic version two-point-oh), Melting Me Softly offered a strong discourse about the subject. It talked about its effects in all aspects, as well as its probable ethical controversy of defying death. Imagine if the cryonics experiment became a success in real life and all of us are finally given the chance to buy time and defy death. The world will be congested with bad people... and maybe a 30-something star director with a smart head on his shoulders, a big heart in his chest, and whose face I could look at all day and night.

But we can all agree that this is the beauty of Kdrama. We're always in for weird but educational stuff.

Slowly but surely

I like that this drama has taken a different route in making the main characters fall in love. Gone were the arrogant prigs who are masters of suppression of romance, replaced with the warm Dong-chan with a big compassion in his heart. He felt sorry and somehow responsible for Mi-ran, and thought that if it wasn't for him, Mi-ran could have had it better. Emphasizing tiny details like when he brushed her stray hairs while eating, the accidental gaze lock, and all the times Mi-ran looked too cute and unaware helped in implying that he was starting to grow strange feelings towards her, feelings that wasn't so hard for Mi-ran to reciprocate because c'mon! Who wouldn't fall in love with Dong-chan's truthful eyes? Their constant pulling in and out was kinda annoying but cute, a perfect example of flirting which they claim they never heard of. And when they finally gave in to their feelings and decided to take the chance, it was all worth beating around the bush. Until now I still can't get over that shower kiss!

Love vs. obsession

Love and obsession are two different things, but sadly one is being mistaken for the other most of the time. I can't believe Hwang Byung Shim still had all the guts in the world to claim Mi-ran as his first love and to declare his undying devotion for her after 20 years of waiting when Mi-ran caught him cheating on her. On the other hand, I felt sorry for Na Ha Young. She had clearly been through a lot, and with limited options. How she survived the 20 years without closure and without knowing if the man she was about to marry was still alive is beyond me. In the end, I hate it that she turned her back and went to the other side merely to avenge her becoming one-sided love turned desperation. I'd never say what she did was right, but I could somehow understand why she did the things she did.

Back to the 90s

Chunks of this drama were a huge 90s throwback that gave me so much nostalgia. Ko Mi Ran's room wasn't far from mine during my teenage years - walls covered with boyband posters, cassette tapes and portable player, plus her fashion ensemble of jeans and candy top and sneakers. Ma Dong Chan's baggy shirts and straight cut jeans plus his jet black hair parted down the middle reminded me of all the boys I loved before (I kid you not! :D). I like the fact that these things about them didn't just change even if they woke up 20 years later. Hell, it even took them some time to get smartphones and it was purely out of necessity. If there's going to be a real-life variety called Go Go 99, I'd sign up in a heartbeat.

Other elements

I've been listening to Right In Front You - no, I can't understand what it says but the music is perfect for a rainy afternoon by the window. The last few episodes felt too familiar to me all of a sudden - the tragedy, the excruciating pain of waiting, the recovery. I am reminded of Shim Cheong's sacrifice and Joon-jae's grief (The Legend of the Blue Sea). I didn't cry so much in the end as I had in the beginning, when Mi-ran showed up the first time and her family's longing was finally fulfilled. On the other hand, Dong Chan's family is a great comic relief, especially Seo-yoon the little YouTube baby.

As I am posting this, I'm getting ready to watch another drama. But I don't think I'd get over, just like with the others. So you'd better watch it too so I won't be alone!

Stay sane kids! Watch kdramas.

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