Two days after Christmas

And just like that, my most awaited day of the year is gone. It's been two days, Christmas already came and went, my holiday also started days ago but I am just starting to really feel it. 

During the Christmas week, I'd make sure my hair is taken cared of - either it's going to be rebonded or cut or colored. I'd shop for new set of clothes for the New Year. I'd meet some friends over cups of coffee. Attend the Sunday mass. Stop by Power Books in Shangri-La and check out a couple of books to read during the holiday break. Binge-watch My Love From The Star which is what I've been doing for the past 4 Christmases now because for some reason, it somehow adds to the festive mood and I love Do Min Joon to the stars and back. Arrange my room a little bit and sort out my possessions by the items to keep, items to give away, and items to discard. All while Ariana Grande's Santa Tell Me and Backstreet Boys It's Christmas Time Again play on repeat on Spotify. 

This year, Christmas week is different. Christmas eve dinner food lasted for at least two and a half days (which isn't bad, really). I lounged around the house in my pajamas with a bottle of wine (nothing fancy, just a cheap red from 7-eleven) while CNBLUE'S new CD is playing. I also wacthed Yonghwa's online fan meet again - evidently, I couldn't get enough of its version of You, My Star which is my favorite Jung Yong Hwa song next to Because I Miss You. I am also trying to fill my Kpop journal (yes, that a6 notebook that every Kpop fan possesses). As much as I like to clean my room, I just couldn't get off bed - it's raining outside and what's better to do than to curl up and binge-watch yet another Kdrama with a cup of coffee? Yes, I am currently halfway done watching one about a fangirl, fine arts, and a mighty handsome fine arts gallery director. I am planning to write a story after this.

I still have a few days left before the New Year though, so a lot of things can still happen. 

메리 크리스마스!