The basic steps to adult life

First things first, register to vote. 

When we hear the world adulting, it automatically translates to bills, making home-cooked meals, drinking tea, and maybe owning a bunch of discount cards and essential oils. While all of these are true, it's not where you start - at least in my experience. There's still some other stuff that needs to be taken care of, things that we normally do not consider as part of the process. Some might not see these as necessary, but if I had known these things early on, I might have accomplished much more things than ever. 

Yes, you can do it!

Clean your social media accounts. I repeat, clean your social media accounts. While working at Krusty Krab makes you look cooler than your friends, some potential employers and clients might think differently. Sure, your social media profile is your personal space, but keep in mind that it is also a reflection of who you are. Use a proper profile picture, consider deleting inappropriate posts, and use a more decent handle. It projects integrity and increases your trust rating, believe me. If you want to skip these steps altogether, might as well make your social media accounts private. 

Collect government IDs. It could have been great if we are issued with a unified national ID, but no. We are compelled to collect government IDs which may or may not have different purposes. It's best to start with PSA-authenticated birth certificate and NBI clearance, as they are easily available. Then go for postal ID, SSS, and TIN respectively. Passport can wait a little bit, unless you're planning to work overseas in the near future.

Finances. Open a savings account. I consider this a requirement as I can't remember the many opportunities that I have to turn down just because I do not have a bank account. Opening one is now made easy, as there are banks that require just one valid ID. Create a Paypal account as well, if you must. For international bank transfers. 

Career. The pandemic has allowed us to do employment applications online. Though this has been going on for a while now - I do not remember leaving the house just to submit resumes to potential employers. Clean up resume, make it a bit more impressive by focusing on your skills and strengths. Depending on the requirements of the job you're applying, you may also want to emphasize educational backgrounds, as well as seminars and training attended relevant to the job post. 

Time management. There are a lot of things that we can accomplish, if only we knew decent time management. When Mom said, you can never bring back the time you lost, I believed her. Plan the day, allot a considerable amount of time for every single task. Avoid procrastinating (note to self). Clean your room. Organize your Kpop shrine things. Read a book. Make dinner. Spend less time in scrolling through Facebook to make room for a more productive task (maybe unless you are a social media manager. :D)

If you have already done these, congratulations! You're on to the next adulting phase. 

Oh and yeah, determine the people who you think are worthy of your taxes.

Register to vote.