Hello March, it's been a while

This entry should have been written and published yesterday, as the month officially begins. But Spotify decided to deprive me of CNBLUE music (or is it Kakao M? Idk they have contradicting statements) and work pay is a little bit too late. Not that I am complaining - I bought physical albums of my Kpop stars so I can still enjoy their music with or without a streaming service, and most people don't even have work pay to wait for. My millennial problems are too grave, ain't it? Thus the reason why I thought it's forgivable for me to post this one day late. 

February was a good month, though. Very promising. Just like in 2020, February showed me the things I should try, places I should visit, and different kinds of arts to experience. In 2021, it's the month when I started to wake up at 0530 to enjoy my morning coffee and do brisk walking at six. The plan is to do it everyday except on Sundays (because on Sundays we go to church). I've also started eating healthier food, drank more water, and slept for at least 7 hours at night. Though there wasn't a single book I finished for the month, I was able to meet two of my closest friends and enjoyed good food with them, and did some more outdoor things. Roadtrip is fun, full of surprises, and the best way to learn a lot of things about a person. 

March, on the other hand, will forever give me a little bit of anxiety. Involuntary confinement started halfway of it last year, and heaven knows what it might bring this year. Quality vaccine? The success of my freelance project? Becoming more environmentally-friendly? A more productive and proactive me? Who knows? Maybe we are destined to design our fate. Thus my bullet journaling. Planning ahead gives me a sense of security. It gives me a feeling that I have a purpose of waking up everyday. Those little and seemingly mundane tasks are what I live for these days. They make me happy. And they validate my existence. 

March, it's been a while. Let's be kinder to each other this time around.