How To Be Thirty: Some things we can learn from Minhyuk's latest drama

Warning: Spoilers ahead 

The first episode premiere of this drama stressed me out - it didn't have subtitles and I wanted to join the raffle where Kang Minhyuk gives away a bookshelf that he painted himself and I wanted it so bad (yes, because I'm a baby Boice)! Anyway, How To Be Thirty is his first drama after the military discharge, and his hey-I-just-finished-serving-the-country glow just made him more adorable. As the story effectively delivered me from quite a stressful day, it didn't bring me to the place where there are no broken hearts unlike other Kdramas did. Pero nakakakilig pa rin!

Here are some of my takeaways:

Follow your instincts. If you feel like there's something wrong, chances are, there really is. I have no idea how many times my woman instinct could have saved me from disappointments and embarrassment had I not refused to follow it. That one summer evening many years ago I suddenly felt something wasn't quite right upon receiving a stray text message was enough to keep myself from major heartache. But of course, I shrugged it off and chose to trust (smhrn). Jiwon is the same. She had all the clues dancing in her face, saying "girl, you are in big trouble" but no. She chose to stay silent and did what made her heart flutter. 

Communication is the key to peace of mind. If you have something to say, say it. Be not afraid of confrontations. Oftentimes we're afraid to ask, and it's because we might not get a favorable response. There are lots of failed relationships that could have succeeded, could-have-been relationships that happened, and broken hearts that could have stayed intact if only one had cared to ask.

Why don't you go ahead and ask her! 

If your man doesn't seem to get tired of you, keep him. Of course, this isn't a licence to be perpetually plagued with unnecessary tantrums. The second lead syndrome in this drama is so real I am living for it. 

Find that guy who'd allow you to sleep peacefully when you're too drunk to remember the night. That guy who'd tell you he missed you in front of your friends. That guy who'd send you annoying text messages but never fail to make you smile. That guy who'd allow you to cry alone but will be there to hold you once you're done being emotional. Find that guy who'd cook dinner for you after a long day. That guy who'd never get tired of telling you you're pretty even when you're drunk or after you wake up and even after you cried. And when you finally find him, keep him and never let go. 

Girl, you won't be smiling if it's annoying

Cry in the car all you want...

he'll be waiting outside

and hold you like everything's alright.

you're the cutest when you smile

Being alone is great, but sometimes it can get sad and lonely. Keep your friends close. I read somewhere that the most temporary people in your life you'll meet in your 20s. The friendships I was able to keep all these years started when I was a teenager - this drama actually felt like it was me and my other two high school friends with whom I established a book club. I guess the reason why I do not feel sad and lonely despite being single for a long time is because of friends who manage to fill in the gaps. Kim has always been my source of motivation and validation. Nicole, a source of further wisdom. Khendi, my sister from another mom. Miss Eve, my fangirling buddy. And these days, Glaiza and Sugar, my harot confidantes. Keep your friends - they are the only ones who'd come running when you call late at night just because you feel like crying. 

Your first love may not be your last, and that's okay. Not all coincidences in life are called fate. There, I said it. But it's a wonderful feeling when a long lost love suddenly ignites and all the good memories come rushing in. Please do not be fooled. Because sometimes, things happen for no reason at all. It may be that the person you've been longing to be with is not the same person you figured he or she would be. But that's okay. At least, you'd learn that you deserve more. You deserve better. 

there are memories that are not meant to be relived

How To Be Thirty is a short drama that teaches us how to handle things that are not exclusive to adults, like our feelings. Being young and naive do not invalidate your love towards a person. Likewise, being thirty and being more experienced in relationships does not mean we'd know exactly what to do when we're caught in situations we wouldn't even begin to imagine. I dare you to watch this drama if you're 30 and feel like you know what to do about everything.