Table for one: La Casetta De Britt

In this week's episode on How To Make My Weekends Awesome, I Googled a place I've never been in - and luckily I stumbled upon La Casetta De Britt, a fine-looking restaurant that's just located in my hometown. I knew this place is packed with Instagrammable cafes; but restaurants that look like you need to make a reservation for a dinner for two, I'm not so sure. This place is tucked away in the same subdivision where San Beda Rizal Campus can be found, a place that's scarce of public transport that Grab can only pick you up if it was only dropping off someone else. I suppose there are tricycles somewhere to bring you out of the subdivision but I had no idea where to find them. 

The place is small and cozy, and I reserved an al fresco table in case it'd be too crowded on the inside. Luckily, they were having a slow lunch, and there were only a couple of other tables occupied while I was there. It was easy to take pictures. I was low-key imagining it would be a balcony or a deck but it wasn't - so it was again me and my expectations disappointing myself. I suppose it's a perfect place to eat lunch with bae on a lazy weekend with not much to do. 

La Casetta de Britt serves Italian-inspired cuisine, from green salads and appetizers to pasta, pizzas, and main course. Since I went there all by myself and only need to buy what I could consume, I went for a salad, the main course, and a smoothie. 

Insalata di Mango. I wanted the burrata salad but I wasn't gonna spend 600 bucks and insalata di mista wasn't available so I got the one with fresh mangoes in it, along with romaine lettuce, walnuts, cheese, cherry tomatoes, and raisins in blue cheese dressing. I should have said to hold off the raisins just because I don't eat them. All in all, it was a great salad in a hefty serving. But I should say it was something I could easily make at home if I wanted to. 

Insalata di Mango

Oven-Baked Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce. The last time I went out to eat alone, I had steak (and a pretty good one that I am still thinking about it now), so this time I decided to shy away from meat. Salmon looked good, and it being oven-baked sounded even better. I also asked for mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables to go along with it, without taking into consideration the fact that I already had a large bowl of green salad.  The salmon was a bit dry, and I am not sure if it was because I took a lot of pictures and shaky footage of it first before I finally started eating, or it's how oven-baked salmon is supposed to be, or it's just really plain dry. Of course, I still ate the whole thing but was forced to leave the vegetable behind because I was starting to feel full. Looking back, maybe I should have just tried the pasta. That penne arrabbiata looked delish.

Oven-Baked Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce

Blue Moon. This smoothie was dark purple in color and has blueberry, orange, mango, and kiwi. I am looking back right now and realizing that I ate healthy things that weekend lunch (hoorah!). It was made of fresh fruits and that's basically what's special about it. 

Blue Moon

La Casetta de Britt is not the most convenient place to visit unless you have a private car (I got there via Grab and pinned the building name, not the restaurant itself). While the food is fantastic, I've been to places where I could eat the same type of food and quality and pay much less. But it made my weekend awesome, so there's still a good side to it.