Boracay escapade: How I spent one weekend by the beach

I’ve never been to Boracay. In fact, I am not gonna go to the beach of my own volition. There has to be someone else who would plan the entire trip. Luckily, I have friends who are 1) extremely capable, 2) eligible, and 3) all too willing to plan a trip, book flights, secure hotels, and think of the things we can do for 3 days.

I thank God and the entire universe for Kim‘s friendship.


🏠 Kim’s Cribb

🛫 Airport Breakfast

🏨 La Carmela

🍽 Spice Bird

🌅 Sunset By The Beach

🍷 Epic Boracay

It was roughly a month before the trip when Kim sent me and Lalaine the flight details, booking done on a whim and all because of one cruel joke. Anyway, we had to pay her roughly Php5000 for flight and accommodation expenses. It’s November, the cold breeze of the amihan is here and not many people are keen to chillax by the waters so that’s probably why the fare was cheap.

Anyway, all three of us live in the same neighborhood (the foundation of this friendship is the Catholic church), and Kim’s place has always been the meeting place. We had to be there at 0730 as we’re flying at 1130, an hour earlier than the original schedule of our departure.

Lalaine was late and skipped breakfast, so naturally, we got something to eat before killing the time. She got the veggie salad, while Kim and I got the coffee, toast, and egg combo, all from Singapura Cafe (formerly Ya Kun Kaya Toast).

The journey to the hotel was a blur, all I can remember is we had to ride a boat and a van to get there. We headed straight to La Carmela Hotel‘s reception and checked in our room. It wasn’t too fancy, but it was more than enough and we had a good time. Plus there’s a free assisted buffet breakfast so it was all great.

The beach was lovely – the water is seafoam green and made me feel like I was in a postcard, I kid you not. The sand was cream and rough and felt therapeutic too. But as much as I wanted to run to it the moment we met, we needed food first. It was almost mid-afternoon and we hadn’t eaten lunch so we were famished.

Spice Bird was the place to be, and I got their sisig which, for the love of god, had flavors that surprised my palate in an amazing way. The girls got the signature chicken meals which were also mouthwatering to behold. All in all, it was a fulfilling gastro experience.

Once we were full, it was time for a beach stroll. Kim had to do some remote work stuff still, so she went to a coffee shop nearby, while Lalaine and I were left by the dunes taking pictures and chilling while waiting for the sunset. Sunsets are my favorite. They are proof that endings can be beautiful, too.

We went back to the hotel when it was dark, washed up, and got ready for dinner. Soon we were out again and checked out Epic Boracay, which served cocktails and finger foods and desserts and other stuff. We ordered their nachos along with my rum and coke, Lalaine’s piña colada, and Kim’s cucumber refresher. As if the huge serving of nachos wasn’t enough, Lalaine and I got mixed fruits topped with vanilla ice cream and glasses of merlot, while Kim got the strawberry sherbet.

No, Kim doesn’t like alcohol and that’s okay. And we had to stay at the bar for a while because it rained hard that night.


🏝 Island Hopping

🏊‍♂️ Swimming

🍨 Coco Mama

🌅 sunset by the beach

🍽 Cafe Maruja

☕️ coffee

The rain has stopped the next day which was a great because the day was much more eventful. We were scheduled to do island hopping. We each paid Php700 to be able to sightsee and take pictures by the Puka Beach, and another Php200 for some awesome kayak shots. Lunch is already included which was another assisted buffet but snorkeling costs another Php100 which I said no to because I don’t swim.

Exploring Crystal Cove was Php300 but we said no to that too – Kim said it wasn’t worth it experience-wise. She was our mom during that entire trip and we believed her. Instead, we lounged at the little drink stand outside, where we had to spend Php500 worth of drinks and food to be able to sit at one of their tables that were literally frying under the glaring sun.

We went to the sea as we got back to the main island. The pristine waters continued to amaze me. It sparkled under the afternoon sun, and the gradient shades of blue and green meant there were different depths of the ocean, something that I never quite understood in all the times I’d draw the sea with oil pastels back in high school. I just really thought the gradient colors add character to the picture.

We went to Coco Mama right before sunset. This ice cream I believe is well known, as we had to line up to get our desserts in a bowl made of coconut shells. It was a mixture of coconut meat, diced mangoes, and coconut ice cream. It was creamy and sweet and tasted like summer all in one bite.

But then there is nothing more awesome than another sunset by the beach.

Dinner was at Cafe Maruja, a dainty bar and restaurant adorned with colorful fairy lights and a live band. We ordered mixed seafood, chicken tenders, and sizzling tofu which were all amazing. Afterwards we headed to another cafe to have some coffee before calling it a night.


🍽 breakfast buffet

🛫 departure

🍝 airport lunch

🍽 Jollibee

There wasn’t much that went on during Day 3, as we were preparing to leave. Breakfast buffet it was in the morning, consisted of super sad sunny side up eggs, rice, fried fish, soup, watermelon, and coffee. We left the island at around 10am after buying souvenirs and some food to bring back home as we’re flying back to Manila at 130pm. We decided to eat lunch at the Boracay airport, and I got chicken parmigiana which was surprisingly flavorful and tasted an like Italian pasta.

We arrived at Manila unsurprisingly famished so we stopped by the airport Jollibee. It’s nice to be back home. My legs hurt and my shoulders are sore from the backpack. But it was fun!

As an earth sign…

No. I didn’t fall in love with the ocean. I’d rather have asphalt and cement under my white sneakers. But what they said is true, that the ocean can take away your sadness and stress. It did it for me. I inhaled the salty air and suddenly I asked myself, what’s the point of worry when there are people around you you can trust with your life? I was a bit sad and anxious and somewhat scattered when I packed my bags and left the house because… uhmm, life happened. But the sea just fixed it for me. It was like a physical answer to my prayer of calmness and peace, security and surrender.

I may not have fallen in love with the sea, but it easily became my best friend. It gave me something to hope for. And definitely something to write about.

Oh yes, welcome back, Author Beth G.