Stop chasing the right person

Friday, June 21, 2019

"Is he my Mr. Right?"

"Is he The One?"

Many of us single women (especially my age) are in search for the perfect life partner, discreetly or otherwise. The time is ticking, we're not getting any younger, and who actually has a hundred and twenty thousand pesos to freeze their eggs so we can still have legitimate kids after 50? Thus, whenever an opportunity to date comes our way, we always ask ourselves this question, "Is he the one?"

No, I have nothing against those who go on dates for the sake of finding their life partner. After all, the time we enjoyed wasting isn't really wasted time at all. However, if we are going to be really honest with ourselves, do we really want to spend our time this way, when there's a lot more we can do than chasing boys? I made a personal decision on this, and I feel like it makes more sense and maybe even more practical.

Stop chasing the right person.

You lookin' for something miss? 

Yes, stop chasing the right person. Instead, start chasing your dreams. Your life goals are timeless, and is something that you will solely be identified with. Apply for that job you so long to have, or maybe for that promotion you've been working so hard for. Start working for that coffee shop or the t-shirt business you've always wanted to have. When you know what you want to do, you would also be able to figure out what kind of person you are. It doesn't matter if you dream big or small, what's important is you keep on dreaming and fulfilling them one after the next, and they're all yours to take.

Stop chasing the right person. Instead, start chasing your passion. Write that song you've been humming in your head for ages. Start writing that story you've been thinking about for years now. Start spending time in that organization where you've always wanted to volunteer. Pour your heart and soul to something you've always loved doing and always been passionate about. Something that would not potentially break your heart in the future. Well, when my first manuscript was rejected by a publisher, it did break my heart, but it was the kind of heartbreak that kept me going.

Stop chasing the right person. Instead, start chasing the opportunities to do the things you've always wanted to do. Travel. Book that flight, pack your bags and go meet the world. Finish reading that sci-fi book. Enrol in that yoga or baking class. These things and more will give you more than self-satisfaction. They will leave you feeling fulfilled and a bit proud of yourself.

Stop chasing the right person. Instead, start chasing the better version of you. The you who has learned to accept all your flaws and believe your imperfections are what actually make you perfect. The you who has forgiven yourself for the bad decisions you made in the past, and is trying to improve your choices moving forward. The you who has dared to love no matter how many times your heart had been broken in the past. The you who has chosen to live your dreams, make time for your passion, and spend time for yourself because every once in a while, you deserve that break every one of us desperately needs.

Stop chasing the right person. Instead, be the right person. Because once you know yourself perfectly well, when you're finally living your dream and you're making the most out of your life by doing what you're passionate about, the right person will come along.

So yes, stop chasing the right person. Be the right person.


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