The Woman In Me: Don't underestimate your power

When Everytime hit the radio in 2003, the tea was, it was Britney’s song to Justin. They had just broken up and this news was all over the world. Somehow, I interpreted the lyrics as Britney saying sorry to Justin because she cheated on him. Soon after, Cry Me A River was released, an alleged response to Britney’s melody of broken heart. At the time, it all fit – the lyrics, the news, the info we all had. Britney cheated on Justin. Britney’s pregnant but she got rid of the baby because her career would be ruined.

Now, exactly 20 years later, we learned the other side of the story.

I saw …Baby One More Time went to MTV for the first time. I liked Britney Spears. She was cute and an extremely talented dancer. Until she was linked to Nick Carter (oh yes, we’re petty like that as teenagers). As someone who saw the rise of Britney’s career, her book became my time capsule that brought me back to when I was a schoolgirl and all I had to do was finish my homework and gossip about these Western stars. I am thankful to have read The Woman In Me. Many people might hate Britney for telling her side of the story, but I’d like to believe that this is way overdue. She has been silenced and tamed for a long time and she deserves this avenue.

It wasn’t easy to read the book. It was heavy and brutal and I could only imagine the kind of strength Britney needed to survive everything she went through. Most men suck. They only like the money and the power that comes with it. Also, they like to pull off different personas – the victim, the user, the hero, and so much more. One pretends to be a heartbroken sad boy whose kindness was mistreated and so it’s rightful and just to trash the woman who caused all his pain. The other pretends to care but in reality, he just wants to live a fabulous life at the expense of somebody else’s dignity and mental stability. Damn, if I had the misfortune to meet these kinds of people, I have no idea what to do.

The Woman in Me is the first memoir I’ve read and I am glad I did. And this post is hardly a review – the book felt too personal and raw to give it any ratings at all. But the notes… oh the things I highlighted while I read this kept me up all night. They made me think about my own life and wondered, have I really stopped and think about how I felt God in my life?

I should say this serves as a catalyst for me to read more memoirs in the future.