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How I did with Spotify's 2020 Wrapped

Okay, I did a complete 180 degrees. Over the years I've been boasting about my 20-year-old playlist that's consisted mainly of boyband music and grunge-y rock ballads. Those illegally downloaded mp3s helped me big time, in making it through the long, sleepless, and stressful nights in the call center, along with coffee from vending machines, instant cup noodles, and stale sandwiches. Fast forward to 2020. Now we're in the middle of a pandemic and still expected to function like we usually do on a normal day. Man, it's proving to be so difficult and it's chasing my sanity away. So to make it easier for myself to keep it together, of course, I turned not just to Kdrama but to that one thing that helped me through it all - music. And, ho ho ho, did I take a huge leap on this? 2020 is my year of K-pop Thanks to Heartstrings , I discovered what I have been missing all this time. CNBLUE has been there for a decade, Jung Yong Hwa

Mula Sa Buwan still breaks my heart after a year

Facebook just reminded me that today, one year ago, I saw Mula sa Buwan. It was the first musical I've seen last year, and the one that still affects me until today. I'm not sure if it was because of the fact that Ultimate Crush saw it too and we both like it, or because Nicco Manalo was a super magnificent Cyrano. But I know for a fact that the songs seared a mark in my head and in my heart, making sure I wouldn't forget about them for a long time. The CD was sold during its February shows and some of the songs were also released on Spotify not so long ago. Believe me when I say that these songs effectively motivated me to finish the book that I'm writing (more about this later). Though I love listening to the entire album, there are a few songs that made it to my mixtape, the always-on-repeat playlist. 1. Ikaw. Imagine being compared to the beautiful sunrise - so warm and bright (uhmm, did I just quote a Moffatts song?) Lovely and heartwarming, right? Can

How the Backstreet Boys affect my life until now

I live my life the way To keep you coming back to me Everything I do is for you So what is it that you can't see? I first heard of this song when I was eleven, in a music video featuring the men that I never thought would conquer my dreams and capture my heart for as long as I could remember. I'd never deny that I am so profoundly awed by A.J., Brian, Kevin, Howie, and of course, Nick . The Backstreet Boys and their music have impacted my life like no one could ever understand, maybe except for a fan. As I have been missing in action in the blogosphere dealing with myasthenia gravis , between my prayer time and doctor's appointments, their songs have been playing in my ears. I had a very colorful teenage life. If the teenagers (or maybe some older people) today have One Direction and Korean idols and the generation before mine had New Kids on the Block , mine had the Backstreet Boys . I remember trading posters and magazines with my classmates who were also boyband fanat