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The EX files: Meeting and letting go of your TOTGA

Do you remember your first year in high school? You were so excited to meet new people and looked forward to every adventure that might come your way. People always say “high school life” is the most exciting part of being a student. It’s where you get to experience all of your firsts. Since I am a romance author, let’s talk about [probably] everyone’s favorite first—first crush. Oh yes, there’s this cute boy in your class that puberty seemed to have forgotten about. His sleek jet-black hair parted down the middle made him look hotter when he brushed it up with his fingers. His skin was smooth without a trace of pimple and he both looked and smelled like he just finished getting ready for school, (shower and all), even though it was already 3 p.m. and classes were about to be dismissed. He was the quickest to raise his hand whenever the math teacher asks someone to solve something on the board, and his answers were always right. He was nice to everyone and especially to you because he

The EX files: What do I call the feelings you gave me?

Source He was smart and nice. He’s one of the better people to talk to simply because he has that depth, something you’ve learned to expect from people you spend most of your free time with. Plus, you could use some company. The past few months have been cruel and heartbreaking and a new friend is a breath of fresh air. He was definitely a welcome change to the gut-wrenching truth you’re learned about some people who you treated as friends, that not all of them would stand by your side when everything else fails. His place in your life quickly elevated. You told your friends he’s just one of them—a friend, but you perfectly know that deep within you, he wasn’t. He was that guy you know you’d want to spend more time with, maybe share a dream or two, a thought or two. Still, you tried to guard your heart. It wasn’t so long ago when it was broken and mended, and you understand that you can’t give your still-bruised-though-slightly heart to this person. At least not yet. He deserves

The Ex files: When to call it quits

Not all exes are the same—I mean, your former boss is also an ex, right? I get it. It’s not every day we’re motivated to go to work. Yuppie flu really does exist… and it’s when you wake up in the morning to your alarm clock (sometimes before that), and you sit in the bed or maybe stare at the ceiling for several minutes trying to decide upon the reasons why you have to drag yourself up and get ready for work. All the reasons you come up with are perfectly valid, but at the back of your head you’re trying to justify just why they’re not valid at all and how you deserve to just stay in bed all day. Yup, I call it yuppie flu. I’ve been to a total of 4 employers my entire working life, including the one where I’m currently employed. That means I’ve submitted 3 resignation letters, and the last one was handed in because I was dying, literally. Every ending has a story before that, and resignation letters are just the same. If my high school book report has 5 major parts, I have 5

The EX files: Why can’t you just get over him

How many months has it been, when he told you that you deserve someone better and you have to part ways? Two months? Four? Five? It’s been a long time really, but it still felt like yesterday because you still couldn’t sleep at night. You still couldn’t bear to listen to love songs, let alone watch romantic films. You’re still thinking of him, ignoring that little voice in the back of your head saying, “do you sincerely believe he thinks of you too?” I’ve read somewhere (not sure if it’s true but it’s the internet, so) that human emotion only lasts for five minutes. So if you’ve been crying for the same reason for more than five minutes, then it’s no longer real—you are just acting up. How could it be true, though? It still hurt, especially when you remember every memory you had with him. You used to be happy together, but now it’s a different story because you are grieving all by yourself, while he’s out there happy and even celebrating with the one he replaced you with. You

The EX Files: The things you never got to tell him

It's been years since you heard him say "I need to be alone, I don't think I still feel the same way for you" but damn, you remember his exact words up to this day. The recent break-up of a dear friend forced you to look back to the days when you were trying to figure out what went wrong with your relationship, because the way her heart had been broken was uncannily the same that had happened to yours. You're much better now - stronger and fiercer, and you want to prove your friend that if you made it, she'll made it too. It took you much longer than you thought, for it wasn't the only reason for your heartbreak. Your health was deteriorating. It was as if every shred of hope had been pulled out of you, and the last thing you needed in life was a cheating scumbag who had been telling you lies since the beginning of time and turned out to be using you for his comfort. It was a dark time, very dark, and yet you survived. "So what now? Are we fore

The EX files: When the past haunts you

If you were to sing at your ex's wedding, what song are you gonna choose? This is one of the "supposedly" funny memes circulating on Facebook, and as much as I wanted to give my answer in the comments section, I didn't want to spark controversy (in case the exes were also lurking in that thread). But here, allow me to let go of my restraint and answer the question. The song would be I'll Remember, sung by Madonna. I guess it's pretty much straightforward, because why not? Let's face it - no one really forgets their exes, unless you happen to be one of those people who got involved with more than your fingers could count. Besides, this song is totally relatable to just about, well, everyone. It tells something about the truth, about changes, about love and about learning to let go. Truth begins when all lies end. And heaven only knows how many lies your ex has told you. When he said he was supposed to work overtime but he's out there ha