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Pinto Art Museum: A guide to experiencing Filipino contemporary art

I have been in this place twice before, but Pinto Art Museum doesn't fail to amaze me during my every visit. Located in an exclusive subdivision in Antipolo City, this museum is the home of Philippine contemporary art that offers both feast in the eyes and haven for nature lovers. The masterpieces made by magnificent Filipino artists are housed in a cluster of structures that give a mix of Spanish and Mediterranean vibe, allowing the entire place to become one of the must-visit destinations in the east. I already have an entry about the museum a couple of years ago, and I admit that at the time, I went there to take pictures decent enough to adorn this blog. This time, though I had some fun time with my friends taking Instagrammable shots, we also took the time to understand, appreciate, and discuss some of the pieces we find more interesting than the others. How to get there With everything digitalized these days, people with cars can easily get there via Waze, Google maps, etc. B

Life lessons from the Enchanted Kingdom

I was in the Enchanted Kingdom last weekend, along with my co-workers for our monthly company gathering. I didn’t get too excited at first - I mean, what are we going to do in a freaking theme park (just in case you’re reading this and you’re not from the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park like Disneyland and also, thank you for reading!)? I knew I was just having issues with myself at the time because I ended up being grateful and happy that I spent one Saturday with the newest people in my life. The park is huge, and with the weekend crowd, it’s impossible for one to be able to visit all the attractions it has to offer. Since our group is fierce and seemed to be in a constant search of adventure, we decided to stand in line for the extreme rides first. I figured it didn’t matter. I’ve been there some years ago and I know more or less what I was getting into. The lines were too long, and between chatting and taking pictures, some life lessons popped up in my head.

We Went to Pinto Art Museum

The weather forecast said there'd be downpour that afternoon, but it did not stop us from dolling up a bit and readied ourselves for another mini-adventure. I figured I needed updated pictures for this blog, and so I called up my ever-reliable friend/alpha-reader/soul-sistah Nicole to come with me and take pictures at the Pinto Art Museum. Pinto Art Museum is located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo City, but anyone can go there. If you're a commuter, it'll just gonna take you one tricycle ride from Antipolo Cathedral. This Santorini-inspired museum has a lot to offer - from fine artworks of seemingly-underrated (or maybe I just haven't heard of them) but super talented local artists, instagrammable corners for your winner IG shots, to cafes that serve superb meals. We got there at around 3 p.m. or so, and with the skies threatening to cry out I knew there was no way we'd be able to visit all the galleries. But we were  still able to take a bunch